Frequently asked questions

When will my book ship?

FOR PREORDERS: All books will ship in March of 2019. If you do not receive your book by April 1st, please send us an email to authorabdulsamad@gmail.com. FOR ORDERS AFTER MARCH 28, 2019: All books will ship approximately 2-4 business days after you place your online order. Books will take 1-2 weeks to ship to your location.

Can I order if I'm outside of the United States?

Yes! We ship anywhere. International shipping is $11.99.

Can I book Abdul Samad to speak at my event?

Yes! Abdul is currently accepting speaking engagements. Please reach out to us at authorabdulsamad@gmail.com to schedule your event with us.

For any media inquiries, please contact us at:

PO Box 880

Liberty, KY 42539

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